Short Term / Long Term Disability

Disability Cases

image representing disabilityPermanent Partial Disability Examination: This is an IME for the sole purpose of assessing Permanent Partial Disability. In order to determine a fair disability percentage, our physicians will do an in-depth physical examination and review of records.


The definition of a Disability Claim: The inability to perform the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation, the insurance company will consider your occupation to be the occupation you are engaged in at the time you become disabled, they will pay the claim even if you are working in some other capacity. For more information on disability claim, click here.


ECM has access to a broad network of board certified, active practice physicians and appropriately licensed allied health care professionals from all major medical specialties and sub-specialties.


ECM is able to assist Disability Carriers, Third Party Administrators and Employers in the management of Short-Term and Long-Term Disability claims as well as Family Medical Leave claims by providing clear, concise, well-supported IME reports.


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