Radiology Review

Radiology Review

image representing radiology reviewObjective interpretation of radiology films, CT scans and MRI images are often essential in the claim management process. ECM offers these quality reviews by independent board certified radiologists and neuroradiologists. ECM can quikly obtain duplication of films, once a release authorization is in hand, from radiology facilities.


ECM offers services on a local or regional basis. ECM provide personal service to its clients.


ECM enhances the IME process by providing: 

  1. Film retrieval service
  2. In-office document pick-up, multiple methods for submission of referrals and expertise in the Radiology Review process
  3. Electronic submission or traditional mailing of the final report within 5-10 business days of the review
  4. Evaluating radiologists and neuroradiologists available for expert testimony


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