Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluations

 image representing independent medical evaluation

ECM is the fastest growing provider of independent medical evaluations offering regional coverage with credentialed, board-certified health care professionals. ECM's panel provides objective, comprehensive medical assessment of injury, illness, disability, prescribed therapy, treatment plans and return to work status.


ECM offers services on a local or regional basis. ECM provides personal service to its clients.


ECM enhances the IME process by providing: 

    1. In-office document pick-up, copying medical records, multiple methods for submission of referrals and expertise in the IME process
    2. Scheduling of appointments for evaluation within 10 to 14 calendar days of receipt of the referral unless client specifies otherwise
    3. Electronic submission or traditional mailing of the final report within an average of 3-5 business days of the evaluation
    4. Preparation of state specific claim forms for claim representative approval and signature
    5. Availability of on-site seminars with ECM's Medical Director and/or ECM staff
    6. Evaluating Provider's availability for expert testimony


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