Join Our Panel of Experts

Join Our Panel

At Experience Claims Management we pride ourselves in having one of the best trustworthy and reliable panel of doctors.


As one of our experts you are required to conduct a physical exam and provide a narrative report with the results you found. In some cases you would be required to assess the claimant’s capabilities to work and his/her disability status.


As a medical expert in some cases you might be asked to testify to verify your report results.


You can also join our Peer Review team. As a Peer Review expert you will be required to go through medical bills and written reports and make sure that testing and examinations were justified.




As an expert member you will be able to receive compensation for rendering a service to our company. This is an additional income, which requires what you already have - your expertise.




These are the requirements to become an Experience Claims Management Panel expert: 

    * Licensed to practice medicine in the state of New York

    * Board certified by the New York Medical Board

    * Board certified by the Worker’s Compensation Board

    * Have no outstanding or former disciplinary actions 



You need to provide us with: 

    * Curriculum Vitae

    * Copy of License

    * Copy of Board Certification

    * Worker’s Compensation Board Certification (if applicable) 

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